Frequently Asked Questions Library


Most questions not answered by the user manuals or the program-specific online help (available within each Editor application) can be resolved by scanning the appropriate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Archive. This library will grow with time and likely experience beneficial reorganizations, so visit here frequently.



For a brief overview of what is needed to access the programs online, review the Web Site Access: Getting Started.

For operational questions and problems relating to web access of the programs, check out the Web Site Operational FAQ.

For questions of a more arcane and technical nature, browse the Technical_FAQ which contains, for example, discussions of such pressing issues as the symmetry properties of Catsim's stiffness matrix.

Note: If you want to search the entire Technical FAQ for keywords using your browser, you can open it in its own window by clicking here.

For a textual introduction to the batch submission process, consult the Batch Introduction.

For FAQ on batch procedures, go here: Batch_Processing_FAQ.


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