About SeaSoft

SeaSoft Systems has been in the business of computer analysis of vessel motions and mooring systems since 1981. A brochure of SeaSoft's offerings can be downloaded (in Adobe pdf format) here, and brief descriptions of all software tools can be reviewed online here.

SeaSoft's Target Audience

SeaSoft's offerings are specialized and highly technical in nature; they are not for the recreational boater or casual web- or wave-surfer with an interest in offshore floating systems. If you do not have at least an undergraduate degree in physics, naval architecture, or mechanical, civil or marine engineering or equivalent, you are probably not a candidate for these software products. Most SeaSoft users possess advanced post-graduate degrees in one or more of these disciplines and will still from time to time need assistance in using and understanding the programs.

Here is a little test that can be used to gauge whether or not you might benefit from access to the SeaSoft program library:

1. Do you know what a "Pierson-Moskowitz wave spectrum" is?

2. Do you know what the acronym "RAO" stands for?

3. Do you know what a "wave drift coefficient" is?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, the programs may be of use to you; if you answered "no" to any of these, it is not likely that you will find the software to be of value without professional technical assistance.

SeaSoft customers include the technical divisions of the worlds largest oil companies and many multinational engineering, construction, drilling and consulting firms that work in the offshore industry.

Web Site Tools Audience

The target audience for SeaSoft's web-based software tools comprise small to medium sized engineering and consulting firms who might not have sufficient need to justify the outright purchase or long-term lease of these tools; the web-based model can be accessed on a when-needed, as-needed basis and provides additional flexibility for offshore engineering professionals in need of these capabilities.


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